Colleen Downard
Authorized GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer

Colleen has been teaching in the dance, exercise and Pilates industry since 1997 and was first introduced to the GYROTONIC® method by her longtime Pilates Master Trainer Barbara Huttner in 2002. Colleen immediately saw how the work revealed muscular imbalances and compensations that she had been dealing with as a dancer and athlete. Shortly there after she became certified in the Gyrotonic Method with Master Trainer Sebastian Plettenberg and in the Gyrokinesis Method by Master Trainer Karen Mullen. Colleen went on to train with various Master Trainers over the years including the method’s creator Juliu Horvath. 

Colleen introduced the Gyrotonic method to the Vail Athletic Club as well as helped to bring the work to Pilates studios in Bozeman, MT and Jackson, WY. She's been on staff at GYROTONIC®/White Cloud Boulder as well as at The GYROTONIC® Movement Center in Seattle, WA under Specialized Master Trainer Karen Mullen. She has also managed the Vail Athletic Club's Movement Studio and was the founder of GYROTONIC® Vail, the Vail Valley's first and only dedicated Gyrotonic Studio.

Colleen in a Pre-trainer (Teacher Trainer) in both methods and offers teacher trainer courses at her studio in Jackson Hole as well as on location at other studios. 

Currently when not teaching or immersing herself in movement education courses Colleen continues to dance as well as enjoy a variety of mountain sports including nordic/skate skiing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, trail running and climbing. Colleen and her husband, Cody, also own the Teton Pines Nordic Ski Center in Jackson Hole where she teaches XC skiing (both classic and skate).