MoveWell is a mind-body fitness studio that offers privates and semi-privates as well as group classes in both the GYROTONIC® &   GYROKINESIS® exercise methods. We are a fully equipped studio offering students the complete array of the Gyrotonic method and the highest level of experience and education. MoveWell studio boasts 3 GYROTONIC® Pulley Towers, the Jumping Stretching Board, Leg Extension Unit, Archway and GYROTONER®.


We are dedicated to the growth and well-being of each student at any level and feel honored to share this incredible movement system with the community. As a teacher training facility we are committed to ongoing professional education and training as well as creating a caring and comfortable space for clients to experience the joy of movement.

The GYROTONIC® method is a highly versatile, holistic approach to movement which works for anyone wishing to gain strength, flexibility and coordination. The method can be applied for general fitness as well as for therapeutic needs. Below are some of the examples of those who tend to benefit and be particularly drawn to this system of exercise.


- Golfers & Tennis Players

- Elite Athletes & Dancers

- Therapeutic Needs/Post Rehab (Examples: Lower Back Pain, Joint Pain/Replacement, Arthritis, Scoliosis, Hip/Knee/Ankle Issues, Shoulder/Neck Issues)

- Seniors


Getting Started with GYROTONIC® Exercise


At MoveWell we recommend beginning with one of our Introductory Packages. During these 4 sessions we will focus on building a strong foundation in both the GYROTONIC® (equipment-based) and GYROKINESIS® (no equipment) methods. Students are given Gyrokinesis homework exercises which will enhance their in-studio sessions and are great for when traveling, at your desk or before or after engaging in sports.


The introductory sessions will help you to deepen your understanding of the fundamental concepts, become familiar with many of the Level 1 Gyrotonic exercises, learn modifications specific to your personal goals and how to set up the equipment based on your needs.


Introductory Packages

1. 3 Intro Privates for $200. After your 4 Intro Privates you can sign up for any of our regularly scheduled classes.


2. 3 Intro Semi-Privates for $120 (per person). Learn the basics with a friend.  After your 4 Intro Semi-Privates you can sign up for any of our regularly scheduled classes.


NOTE: GYROKINESIS® class is always open to new students. No previous experience required. Just come Move!!!

Located in The Aspens

4030 N. Lake Creek Dr., #8

Wilson, WY 83014.


GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS are trademarks and used with permission by the GYROTONIC Sales Corp